Toyota Soarer Repairs and Installations

1. Global Positioning Systems

2. DVD stereos

3. FM Radio Conversion

4. TV
Connection and repairs

5. Touchscreen (EMV)
We can fix any faults that occur on your touchscreen. Replacements touchscreens also available for sale, with or without navigation.

6. Cruise Control/ Speed limit
We can override the Factory settings of 107kms

7. Speedometer
Common failure occurs in some of the instrument panels
The bottom line on the LCD display where the clock km system message displays will not illuminate properly. Sometimes it works when the ignition is on but after a few minutes it will blink and stop displaying any information altogether. Othertimes it will not illuminate at all but it recovers. Intermittently this is a common problem in most Soarers. We specialise in fixing all the display problems in your speedometer, we can also change the display from km to miles if needed.

8. Air bag Warning light
Commonly when you take the speedometer out, the red air-bag light will illuminate on the instrument panel when you reinstall it. To avoid the air-bag warning light illuminating on your dash, before removing the instrument panel, make sure to disconnect the battery.

Price list available on request.

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